Bella’s 2015 Litter Continues to Grow

Puppies at 2 and 3 Weeks

Here are a couple of pictures of Bella’s 2015 litter of puppies. The first one shows most of them feeding when they were two weeks old.

2015 puppies at 2 weeks
2015 puppies at 2 weeks


The picture below shows Bella’s puppies at three weeks under the heat lamp – thus the reddish glow that they all appear to have.

2015 puppies at 3 weeks
2015 puppies at 3 weeks

UPDATE: Check out a few pictures of some of these puppies at 4 weeks.

Litter Update – Puppies Expected July 13

A Trip to the Vet Brings Good News

A recent visit to the veterinarian confirmed that we should expect a new litter of puppies on July 13, 2015.

Valley Vizslas is still accepting deposits toward puppies in this litter. You may contact us here if you are interested in them.

We expect to have the puppies head to their new homes during the last week of August.

This is a repeat breeding which should produce both good hunting dogs as well as great family dogs.