New Vizsla Puppy Training Tips

New dog owners often wonder how to treat and train their new puppy. Here we provide you with several important puppy training tips.

What Food and Supplies Should You Provide Your Puppy?

Every puppy needs a few things from toys to a good collar and leash to separate water and food bowls. Above all they need good quality puppy food.

There is an abundance of toys, collars, and leashes in the market. The choice is up to you as to which ones you want to get. Simply be sure they are good quality items and won’t harm your dog in any way.

There are also many water and food bowls from which you can choose. We suggest you avoid any that the puppy might be able to get a hold of and chew up, such as those made of certain plastics.

We strongly recommend American Natural Premium dog food. If you are making a switch from one food to another, we suggest that you do it slowly to make sure you are not causing your puppy to have an upset stomach.

How Many Toys Should You Get for Your Vizsla Puppy?

You should avoid getting too many toys all at one time. If there are too many toys around, they will confuse your puppy. When your puppy is confused, it won’t know what it is and is not supposed to chew on, which could lead to bad habits. Having just a few toys at the start is perfect while your pup learns the do’s and don’ts.

If your puppy is doing a lot of biting and chewing on things it is not supposed to, we recommend using bitter apple spray. Apply a few sprays to items that you do not want the pup to chew, and the bitter taste will help prevent it.

Should You Get a Kennel for Your Puppy?

We strongly recommend that your puppy has its own kennel. Never use the kennel as a place to punish your puppy. If you teach it correctly, your puppy will soon see its kennel as a safe, comfortable place to be.

It’s also nice to have your puppy in its kennel when you have to complete tasks or even if you just need to relax for a little while. Just remember this is not a bad thing or a punishment. Dogs in the wild are considered to be den animals, which means their den is the place they go for comfort, rest, and security.

Make sure to get the correct size kennel for your puppy. It needs to be able to stand up and turn completely around in this space and even stretch a little bit if needed. When the kennel is too big, the dog may also use this as a bathroom, which is one thing you want to prevent from happening. A dog does not enjoy laying down in its own spoils, which is another reason to make sure the kennel is a perfect fit.

You can always buy a big enough kennel so when the puppy is full grown you don’t have to purchase another one. If this is the route you decide to take, just make sure you put up a divider at first and give the animal more room as it grows.

Potty Training Your New Vizsla Puppy

Your new puppy has not developed like an adult dog. Being a young puppy, it does not have the physical capabilities or the full awareness to control its body yet like an adult dog has. Your new puppy needs as many chances as you can give it to go outside and go to the bathroom.

Your new puppy can hold its bladder the number of hours equal to its total age in months plus one month added to that. For example, a three month old puppy can hold its bladder for four hours (3 months + 1 month).

While your puppy is in the beginning of potty training, confine it to small areas. You could make sure doors are closed, use (human) baby gates, and keep a good eye on it.

Here are a few very critical times to let your puppy outdoors for a bathroom break.

  • Any time anyone arrives home after being gone
  • After eating
  • After drinking water
  • After waking up
  • Before going to bed at night
  • If at all frightened
  • If at all nervous
  • After indoor play

After your puppy goes outside and does its job, make sure you praise it as much as possible.

Sometimes your puppy will have an accident inside, if you bring it in too soon from a bathroom break outside. One thing that you never want to do is try to correct your puppy from soiling an area it shouldn’t have. You definitely should not rub its face into any accidents inside. Your puppy might not even recognize the soiling with this sort of correction. Sometimes when this happens, the puppy will be scared of being grabbed and might start finding hiding places to soil that it shouldn’t.

It’s hard to say sometimes, but the best method to have your puppy avoid a mistake in the house may be to just act quickly. If you see it going to the bathroom inside, just pick it up and bring it outside as quickly as you can. If it continues to do its job outside, just make sure you use plenty of praising. When the puppy has an accident inside or in a place you don’t want it to, all you can usually do is clean it up.

How Much Playtime Does a New Puppy Need Once It Arrives Home?

For the first couple of weeks, the puppy will need to get used to its environment. Puppies need plenty of playtime throughout the day.

Each puppy is different. Some might want to play, play, play, and others might just want to play for a little while and then rest. Resting is also an important thing that a puppy needs everyday.

Just watch your puppy and let it tell you what it wants to do. If you push for too much playtime, it could lead to overexertion or even an injury.